Thursday, April 14, 2011

Fashion Cambio - {Mrs. Mustard}

Eek! Getting photos for Fashion Cambio has been a rough task lately...Both not having time to look for inspiration and not having time to take outfit photos! Although it's been a challenge, I've really missed doing FC posts lately. For my FC this week I wore a sweater that I've been OBSESSED with and have probably been over-wearing. Oh well. I wish it were still acceptable as an adult to wear the same thing every day and not get weird looks from people (and no, I don't wash in between every wear either!) 

For those who are new Roofresh readers, Fashion Cambio is a segment where I find an inspiration photo with some kind of article of clothing similar to one that I have, and based off of the inspiration I try to recreate the outfit as best as possible. I only use clothes that I already have in my closet to stretch my resources. I was pretty much doing this anyway on a daily basis when I felt that I had old boring clothes and nothing to wear, so that I wouldn't feel like I had to run out to the store and purchase a whole new outfit. Now I just blog it too...
(I LOVE street fashion)
Sometimes I like to do a combo look, so that's what this is...
Yellow is so much fun!

{Sweater} Urban Outfitters, recently
{Shirt} Forever 21
{Shorts} Eek, I think Forever21, last year
{Sandals} Charolotte Russe, last year
{Earrings} Forever 21, about 3 years ago
{Belt} My mama's closet

Keep it real,


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Anonymous Vanessa said...  

Haha you're so cute! Love that jump shot at the very end because it shows your personality so well :P COME TO VEGASSSSSSSS. miss you :(

Anonymous Anonymous said...  

You are so cute!! :) I love that outfit!!

Blogger Joy said...  

You so cute and bright!

Anonymous Liz said...  

You look so adorable, Kels! Love that colour on you.

Anonymous Alexandra Evjen said...  

Yellow is so FUN! Cute outfit! =)

Blogger Joy said...  

so cute! I love it! you look fantastic

Anonymous Suburban Sweetheart said...  

Oh, stop it, you are WAY TOO CUTE. I am usually fairly self-confident, but I have to face the truth: I look like a cow when I try to wear shorts. This look rocks.

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