Sunday, April 24, 2011

It's Ma Birfday...

I have the most awesome face going on here in front of my candle-less birthday cake. The photo of me fake blowing out the candles turned out a bit blurry, so instead you get my half-surprised, not ready for the photo look.

Today is my birthday, but it was already celebrated last week, seeing as how today is Easter and all (I thought I'd let God get some attention today as well), other than Facebook messages, it doesn't feel too much like my birthday. I will say though, that as I reach the quarter-of-a-century mark I took a little time to reflect on where I'm at, and I have to say....I really like it! Despite a lot of stress lately and some huge changes in my life, I am really, truly happy and while I couldn't have imagined where I would be right now, (even six months ago) I would not change a thing!

I have to thank my husband first of all, I can not believe that we're married sometimes, and I love our moments that we just look at each other and giggle. Our family and friends are amazing! I can't count how many times we've had people take time out of their schedules to hang with us or help us with a project or move. We are so blessed. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my new job. I am so happy and so excited at my new place, and while I'm still learning, I know that I will continue to be challenged. Finally, I love our home! Even after growing up in Arizona, I'm not sick of it and while I would love to see new places and travel, I love the weather, the culture and that my family is here!

Happy Birthday to ME!


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Blogger Ashley said...  

Happy Birthday, lovely! So happy you are in a good place right now. Wishing you tons of happiness. :)

Anonymous Anonymous said...  

Aww yay! :) Birthdays are the best!

Blogger ilene @ muchloveilly said...  

haha love the face - happy birthday!!!!!

Blogger Kara said...  

HAPPY HAPPY birthday!! Sounds like everything is going fabulously for you :)

Blogger Anna said...  


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