Friday, August 26, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Friday {The Daybook}

Do you remember Sydney from my last post? Well not only does she do amazing outfit posts, but she has a little series called "Awkward and Awesome Thursdays" and it's hilarious. I seriously laugh out loud reading it sometimes (which is actually kind of awkward because people look at you), and it always brightens my day when I read it. So I decided to do an Awkward and Awesome Friday post, since I had some especially awkward things happen to me this week. Here we go:

-The fact that the above photo was taken in my work's bathroom, and people from my work actually look at my blog and twitter account.
-Accidentally rubbing my elbow raw on edamame salt that was left over on the table at RA last week. I have a huge scab on my elbow now.
-My neighbor recently putting an angel figurine in her window that faces our back room; I'm not really sure if she's been able to see me walk from my bathroom to the bedroom clothing-free for the last four months, but I'm hoping that's not a sign. (We really need window coverings.)
-Walking to the last bathroom stall at work and a coworker busting out of the stall just in time for me to catch them tucking in their shirt and zipping up their pants. (I had no idea she was in there when I approached it.)
-Having a Spanish phone call transferred to me at work (for some reason people think I'm fluent-I know some) and by the end of the conversation the woman on the other line is repeating over and over, "want to go back, want to go back, want to go back." I think she meant that she wanted to be transferred back to the receptionist...I guess I wasn't very helpful.

-Making a lot of progress with the yard over the last couple of weeks! Grass is mowed, planters almost all dug out, ugly metal 'decorations' from the front porch gone-soon our house will actually look like a house (from the outside at least).
-Dutch Bros $3.00 day was yesterday; always awesome.
-Making Eggplant Parmesan in under three hours in our non-kitchen this week and not burning out house down. Dishes may have taken us an hour, but I'm not counting that time.
-Going to Zinburger to share a burger and milkshake with my parents, then still having enough room in mah belly after to eat some doughnuts from The Grind.
-Getting to try Humble Pie for the first time tonight..I. Love. Food. I'll let you know how it is, maybe I'll even do a post on it.
-Successfully making my own buttons on my sidebar for some of my reoccurring posts! Remember when I had this survey? Well these are the results and I designed and coded the buttons all on my own! Aren't you proud? ;)

So what did you think? I liked doing this post because it forced me to think about good things that have been happening in our lives lately and laugh about the awkward ones. Make sure to check out Sydney's blog, it's super awesome.

Keep it real,

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Blogger TxSizeHull said...  

Love the idea of awesome stuff (yea!) and awkward stuff (i love a good laugh!) Good stuff!

Anonymous Liz said...  

I cracked up at the Spanish story. I'll make you some flashcard to help you learn more ;) Also? Great job on the sidebar buttons! Get it, girl.

Blogger RooFresh said...  

Liz, thanks! I totally knew what she was asking for and told her that Ana didn't work there and that I would transfer her to someone else, but apparently that wasn't a good enough answer. :)

Anonymous Vanessa said...  

haha I was so smiley when you texted me to look at the buttons! Good job love. Look at you stepping over into the nerdy side ;)

love you!<3

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