Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Dreaming of Fall

I absolutely love living in Arizona, but I have to admit that as I get older I don't always want to be pool-side or running around in a swim suit. I still love some pool time every now and again, but the heat gets old. I've found that my sense of style has matured and I have a lot of fun with fashion now, including layering. Well, layering is not very easy to do in 110 degree weather; actually you would probably get heat stroke if you tried. 

It's usually around this time of year that I start to get antsy. Everyone else is gearing up for school and well, we've already dove in head first. The usual associations of back to school and fall clothing is somewhat of a 'only on T.V.' concept for us zonies because all fall clothing is our winter clothing. We see other blogs change with the season and fashion evolves as the cool temperatures roll in, but we don't even see the 80's in Phoenix till late October. 

Enough complaining! I'm going to share a few winter-y outfits from some of my favorite blogs, and you can drool over them with me.

Now this would definitely be a winter outfit for us, in fact, I might not get to wear something like this all year. Only in our coldest winters do I get to partake in things like fluffy vests!

Tights and sweaters; all I'm gonna say.

Boots! Glorious boots! See you in two and a half months!

Some people categorize this as a SUMMER outfit. HA! No my friends, this cannot be an Arizona ensemble until at least October 15th, maybe later. I LOVE the knee-high-boot combo!

So when does your fall start? Are you more fortunate than I? What is your go-to fall article of clothing?

Keep it real,

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Blogger Danelle Bourgeois said...  

I'm in New Zealand so it's Winter right now, first day of Spring is next week and I am totally hanging out for warmer weather! I'm sure our heat is nothing like yours, but I'm now at the point of being really sick of wearing heavy coats and scarves every day to work. Haha. As much as I love, they're starting to drag me down and make my neck sore!

Blogger Colleen said...  

I feel you. I almost feel like Arizonans have another season, like a summer+, where all we can fathom wearing are sleeveless shirts, shorts/skirts and sandals. I keep laughing when I see fall fashion in stores!

Blogger RooFresh said...  

Danielle, I wish we could switch hemispheres! Colleen, man oh man do I feel where you're coming from! I love the summer+ season, you're so right! I'm using that from now on.

Anonymous Anonymous said...  

Nice inspiring pics!!

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