Monday, August 30, 2010

Best Around

My husband Jim and I love going out to eat. Don't get me wrong, most nights we eat at home and try to make something relatively healthy and cost-effective, but we love new places and great food. I wouldn't consider us "foodies", we aren't sophistocated enough for that; I would say that we could maybe be considered foodies in training. With all of that said, I would like to share some of our favorite little spots that we've found and hopefully you can check them out and enjoy them as much as we have!
Tempe, Az
This was the location of our first date. (Awwwe) Jim was trying to take me to all of these fancy places and impress me and when I finally called him out on it he suggested Cornish Pasty. His exact words were "Fine, I'll take you to my favorite restaurant, and the average entree is $8.50."
So we pulled up to Cornish Pasty, a small, cozy little restaurant right off the cusp of ASU and had a seat at their crammed high top bar. The menu has a handful of obscure beers, some microbrews and 3+ pages of delicious pastys.
What is a pasty? (Past-ee)
Words don't do a pasty justice but in the words of Jim "a pasty is everything a hot pocket wishes it could be." Here's a picture of a pasty, but it tastes better than this picture looks (which is pretty darn good)! You need to go to a Cornish Pasty and get one!
Us right before enjoying a pasty, photo courtesy of Johnny Earle.

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