Saturday, November 20, 2010

Hair History

So again you might have noticed that I changed a lot on my blog. I've been annoyed lately because every time I would look at my page it has looked so cluttered! Ahhhh, I feel much better now, but I'm still looking for things to nix in order to clean up. :) Anyway, while looking through old pictures on my computer to change my look, I was reminded of all of the times I changed my hair color-I guess my blog was not the only thing I got antsy with! I thought that it was a little comical so I decided to share some of the transition pictures from brunette to blonde. 


{Photo taken by Erica Perkins}

This was when I was really dark, almost black-you can barely see my hair! 

{Asher and me}

I figured that my hair was looking too dark, plus I had to dye my roots every few weeks to cover up my blonde the was growing in so I added some highlights...

{My Easter baskets-yes two-from Jim one year}

{San Diego when we got engaged}

So after Jim and I got engaged, it went into hyper drive to switch from odd, in between hair color to blonde for engagement and wedding pictures.

{Having a little too much fun at JB's birthday}

{Us at Disneyland. If you haven't noticed, I really like making that face}

{Out and about at Santarchy last year}

{Graduation, December 2009}

{New Year's Eve last year}

{Our engagement shoot}

{Wedding, May 2, 2010}

So as you can see I've made a lot of changes over the last 2 years, not just the hair either! Engaged, graduated and married! I hope you enjoyed my little transformation of hair history, as well as the transforming of my blog. 


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Blogger Chels said...  

How convenient, I was just browsing around on here!

I recently went through the change. Brown to blond to extensions to none.

I REALLY like blond on you. I think it fits.

Anyways, I think you should help me with my DIY wedding! Its St. Patty's day.

Blogger RooFresh said...  

I get told that the blonde looks good a lot, but the brunette was fun and I always felt mysterious. :) I would love to help with your wedding! What do you want help with!?!

Anonymous Liz said...  

Don't feel bad, as a designer I am constantly tweaking/changing things around on my blog ALL.THE.TIME. I just can't stop haha. Luckily from time to time people will hire me to let me get my fix by doing their blogs ;)

Blogger RooFresh said...  

Pout pout, Liz you make me want to hire you so bad, but I feel like I can't afford you. I have a mad crush on your style.

Blogger justine. said...  

You looked so beautiful on your wedding day! I love that picture!

Blogger RooFresh said...  

Why thank you Justine!

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