Saturday, December 25, 2010

This Christmas I Dressed Up Like Peter Pan...

This post is a recap of our Christmas shenanigans. First things first, you may remember this post about all of the toys that I used to have as a little kid that I said I would probably have on my Christmas list if I was still a big kid (ha ha that was really confusing). Well my awesome mom read that and despite having moved their whole life to a new house after 15 years, she still had a handful of those toys. She didn't say anything, she just waited till I looked closer at the tree and noticed all of the old-school toys waiting for me underneath. 
Mom my is awesome.

So if you have ever been to a Christmas at our house, you might know that my uncle gives...interesting gifts. He always means well, but we occasionally get a giggle out of some of them. I think this year he gave me the best gift EVER! He gave me a hat that my grandpa and grandma had brought him back from Austria one year. He said that it reminded him of the fedoras that my hubby wears all of the time and he thought that I might like it. Well my sister and I had a great time taking an unnecessary amount of pictures in this hat...
The Hat
These are the pictures that my sister "directed" 
The Serious pose
"Smoking the Pipe"
Too Cool
The "pensive" look

My sister really wanted to go "all out" so we gave her my scarf and made her look very "woodland-chic"

I haven't even reached the best part of our Christmas tale, my sister and I are in a constant argument over ownership of things that we grew up with. It usually goes something like "hey that was mine," "no it was mine, you just thought it was yours because you had it after me..." and so on and so forth. Needless to say we both discovered the Sylvanian Family toys and had a little bit of an argument out of it. 
It started off great with us excited and ready to play :)
We started dividing up who got the bears, rabbits, raccoons etc.
..but then things started getting serious. The negotiations began..
And it got REALLY serious
Hey, you better watch it camera man!

But guess who won, guess who always wins...

Well I hope that you all had a great Christmas as well, hopefully violent-free, playing with new toys. :)

Keep it real,


Ps. The Simon still doesn't have batteries...

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Blogger TxSizeHull said...  

Awesome pictures, you are Lynn are too cute!!

Blogger The Griffin Family said...  

OH BOY!! I still have ALL my little bears and racoons in my old dollhouse at my moms! What a fun thing to know someone else had those!! So cool, hehe.

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