Thursday, February 17, 2011

Fashion Cambio - {Life As We Know It}

So you might have noticed that the 'Blogger Edition' is now gone from Fashion Cambio...yes it is officially over...but that doesn't mean that it can't come back! If you are a blogger with a fashion section and are interested in participating in the future, just hit me up (email me) and we can look at a few different outfits to possibly feature to bring it back. 

The new jump off to Fashion Cambio is inspired by a movie that I recently watched called "Life as We Know It" with Katherine Heigl. I feel a little nerdy admitting it, but I loved the movie and her clothes in it! Everything was simple and put together, and Katherine seemed to have a lot of closet basics that made up her wardrobe, (I talk like she picked it all out herself!)

Here are some shots of her clothes from the movie (it was hard to get really great shots, so you may have to just watch it yourself).
These are all very cute looks, but not great shots, so I went with the DVD cover. :)
Look! I do have a butt! Proof!
Okay, so this very pretty tree in my friend Becky's back yard was SWARMING with bees, hence my face.
No I'm not running away from the bees, this is just my horrible improvisation. 
...aaaaaaand it didn't get that much better...
{Under Shirt} Threads4Though, Nordstrom's Rack (Best. Shirt. Evar!)
{Paid Shirt} Ummm, in all honesty it was a little store outside of my parent's old house with 
Forever 21-y clothes. I think it was called Styles for Less?
{Jeans} Charlotte Russe 
{Motorcycle Boots} Target, just a couple of months ago, if you hurry you may be able to find some on a clearance rack near you!
{Watch} Fossil, Birthday present from my mama (and dad)

So what did you think of these photos? Pretty rad editing huh? Well I can't take the credit, remember Lauren from Busy Bee Lauren? Well she did a photo editing tutorial that I am in L O V E with and you can check it out right here if you want to be rad like us too. ;)

What did you think of Fashion Cambio this time around? What do you want to see more of? Let me know!

Keep it real,


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Blogger Jennie said...  

I like that you have a tag that says 'Busy Bee Lauren', because I totes have a tag that says 'BusyBeeJENNIE' because I was paying homage to one of my favorite bloggers. And 'cause, you know, I was busy. :)

Also, I kind of don't like chick flicks, and I really don't like Katherine Heigl (sp?) but I've seen clips of this movie on my breaks at Target and it looks adorable! And Josh Duhamel is gorgeous, so there's that. Ha!

Blogger aki! said...  

The pose with your arms out is so wacky!

Blogger Lori said...  

Kelsey - love the edits on your photos!!

Blogger Diana Smith said...  

CUTE BLOG! And wow cute outfit, you are pretty spot on to her outfit.. Love the pictures too, that tree is pretty haha

The Smith Circle

Blogger Danielle said...  

Are you kidding me with this cuteness?!?! hahah! I can't wait to meet you and give you a huge hug! I love this series of posts you do and I always get excited when I see it in my reader...and wonder who you are going to do this time!

Love the whole outfit.

Blogger RooFresh said...  

Thanks guys! I'm glad that everyone thought this was fun!

Blogger Ashley said...  

Watched this after reading your recommendation - really enjoyed it. And I love your take on the fashion.

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