Thursday, February 17, 2011

My Non-Do, Hair-Do

Lately I've been a fan of my non-do hair-do.  Yes, I made that up. I call it that because I'm not sure if this is how you're supposed to do a chignon, but it's my version and it's QUICK! It's great for days that I can't get a hair wash in (or choose not to) and my hair is a little more...we'll say 'textured'.  I start by lightly brushing my hair out or just running my fingers through it if it's not too bad in the morning. If it seems to be a little too silky-smooth still I'll tease my roots a little or sprits some hairspray in it to add that extra texture. 
{Step one} Gather all of your hair in one hand
{Step two} Start twisting all of your hair in your hand around 1-2 fingers (index and middle) depending on how thick your hair is...mine is not very thick so I only use one finger. :) Hold your starting point in your other hand as if it were a hair tie (if you have hair that is thick and slippery you may just want to put a hair tie in.
{Step three} Continue to wrap your twisted pony around your starting point until you reach the end of the pony, continually twisting your finger at the same time to keep the ponytail tight.
{Step four} Secure the end of your pony with a bobby pin, making sure that it goes as far in towards the center of the bun as possible.
{Step five} Add extra bobby pins to ensure that the bun will stay in place. I usually use about 3-4, if you have thicker hair or many layers, you may have to use more.
{Step six} Toussle your hair slightly to give it a 'messy, effortless' look and sprits it a few more times with some hairspray or styling product if needed.
Ta Da!
There you have it, your easy 'I'm going shopping and look great doing it' look. I hope that this was more helpful than confusing, if not...well maybe hair tutorials just aren't for me then! If you tell me that you liked it, I might start including more tutorials on the blog. ;)

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Blogger Danielle said...  

Looks great! This is one of my fave go-to hairstyles too <3

Blogger Brenna said...  

Love this Kelse. Looking for easy cruise approved, humidity proof hairstyles for our upcoming wedding/honeymoon in 2 1/2 weeks and this is just the kinda thing I can do.
Thanks girly :)

Blogger Little Tree Vintage said...  

ahha i do the same and then stick a clip in it :D

Blogger Michelle said...  

I'm so in love with this! I'll have to try it very soon!

Anonymous Anonymous said...  

1 Finger?! When my hair is your length I have to use 2 pony tail holders to keep them from snapping. My hair is like a lion's mane! You look adorable!

Blogger RooFresh said...  

Glad you all liked it! Oh and Biscuit, you make me laugh.

Blogger Ainsley said...  

ahhhh this makes me want long hairs again, super cute!

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